About us

Who We Are?

We are people from different spheres of life, with interest in and experience of two decades into the health care industry, centred in JCSS-Novus.

What We Offer?

Training, consulting, redesigning and exploring newer efficient ways of creating skillsets to run and manage effective organizations dedicated towards the development of their people and the health of the community. We represent a return to the roots of quality assurance and ethical business practices and investing in its resources for creating competency in the field of patient management.

Why Choose Us?

  • Safe and standardized health care delivery.
  • Maintain transparency, standardization and accountability.
  • Help individual care providers, teams and organizations realize their potential to provide safer and more compassionate health care.
  • Develop organizations that work synergistically, systematically and effectively.

Our Strengths


Business Analytics

Strategic Consulting

Scientific and process-centric consulting

We encourage and support our clients to redefine their goals by creating cohesive and consistent practices that will make a sustainable and process-driven environment to provide care.

Connecting the dots between the various individuals, departments and systems that interface in providing care is an essential task and most crucial to developing the values of assessment, review and monitoring into the business.

We help build these principles into a functional aspect of work that automatically sets the right benchmarks for quality and efficacy of services.